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Your pink Himalayan sea salt odyssey begins
here! Shop from White Gold's curated assortment of seasoning options to find
the perfect flavor for your signature dishes! Each seasoning blend is designed
to enhance the natural flavors of food without overpowering your recipe.

The natural flavor of pink Himalayan sea salt
works much better while you're cooking because it doesn't have the overpowering
"salty" flavor of ordinary salt. We've designed our seasonings to be
flavor enhancers instead of spices that bury the natural notes of nature's

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      Chefs and home cooks around the world choose pink Himalayan
      sea salt for a love of flavor! This rose-hued rock salt is mined exclusively
      near a portion of the Himalayas in Pakistan. It's believed that these rare pink
      salt crystals were created millions of years ago when ancient bodies of water
      evaporated. Unlike regular salt, pink Himalayan salt is packed with trace
      minerals that offer nutritional benefits.

      Some experts say that a serving of pink salt
      contains up to 84 different trace minerals. In fact, the pink coloring of
      Himalayan salt is caused by trace minerals. While pink Himalayan salt is much
      more beautiful than ordinary salt, it's actually far more natural compared to
      table salt because it remains unrefined.

      The naturally light, noncompeting flavor of
      real pink sea salt enhances the delicate taste of seafood. This is why so many
      people around the world are choosing White Gold Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Blend
      for their kitchens! White Gold takes incredible pride in offering curated
      spices with exceptional freshness and quality! When your seasoning arrives, you
      can rest assured that it meets the most rigorous standards.

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      Endless Benefits

      The pink hue of your White Gold pink Himalayan
      salt is the only sign you need to know that you're consuming trace minerals
      with every single shake! Unlike ordinary salt, pink salt is naturally abundant
      in iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These nutrients all play important
      roles in helping the body stay healthy.

      Chef Curated

      White Gold Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Blend was
      founded by a chef with experience on South Beach's luxury dining scene. All of
      our seasonings made with pink Himalayan salt are formulated by real chefs with
      a shared passion for bringing out the magnificent natural flavors of food!

      Our seasonings offer the perfect way to flavor
      any dish using your own culinary flair. Each variety is carefully blended to
      help bring out the natural flavors of any dish.


      No filler here! White Gold believes that the
      rich, naturally delicious flavor of food deserves to be enhanced instead of
      covered up. That's why we've carefully formulated our seasoning blends to work
      with the complex flavors of food during the cooking process. Our flavor
      themes work with all cooking styles. Make one your signature flavor!


      White Gold products are used by restaurants
      around the country to perfectly season dishes. While White Gold seasoning
      varieties are curated by chefs, you don't need to graduate from culinary school
      to use these blends to create amazing flavors in your own kitchen.


      Our pink Himalayan sea salt blends go
      perfectly on a variety of dishes. Our spices let you bring the flavors of the
      world to your plate.


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